I need your help this week...

In just a few days we'll be back in Fort Myers distributing about 6,000 meals for Thanksgiving to hurricane victims who still need our help.

I'm turning to friends like you and asking for your help to sponsor these meals this weekend, as well as thousands more we'll serve this holiday season. Would you do this?

Would you consider MATCHING what you expect to spend on your family's Thanksgiving dinner with an equal gift to help us feed families in Fort Myers and other areas where families urgently need help? Go here to help feed families this holiday season:

+ + Just $60 will feed THREE families this holiday season...

Families are really feeling the effects of inflation this holiday season. Estimates range widely, but the cost for Thanksgiving is up 10-20% over last year, which was up significantly over 2020. And there's no end in sight.

Thankfully, we have been able to hold the line on the costs of our holiday meals. For just $5, we can serve a full holiday meal; $20 will feed a family of four. That means:

Again, we will be in Fort Myers THIS WEEK providing 6,000 holiday meals which launches several weeks of holiday outreaches. Please help as you can, and thanks in advance!

God bless you, 

Gary LeBlanc

P.S. Most families spend between $100 and $200 on their Thanksgiving meal. If you can match the $100 you'll spend on your Thanksgiving with an equal gift to Mercy Chefs, we'll feed FIVE FAMILIES! Go here to help:

P.P.S. Thanks to everyone who supported Mercy Chefs by voting in the Land Rover's Defender Service Awards. Go here to see the exciting results!