Please help sponsor meals we'll serve today to tornado victims, and see below for the latest. --Gary

As I write, our Mercy Chefs teams are preparing hot meals for tornado victims in both Little Rock, Arkansas and Rolling Fork, Mississippi. These communities were hit by massive tornadoes and the devastation is widespread.

+ + Homes reduced to rubble

If you've never seen the aftermath of a tornado in person, it's hard to describe just how violent these storms are. Little Rock was hit by a strong EF-3 twister. Houses were reduced rubble. Cars tossed and destroyed. As we go out into these communities, we find people just staring at their destroyed homes. It's heart wrenching.

As with all deployments into disaster zones, our teams have been facing many challenges. Staffing and equipping two disaster deployments can double the complexity and the cost. On top of everything else, we continue to be in a cycle of very threatening spring storms. Yesterday evening in Little Rock, our team had to finish up meal serve early so that everyone in the community could prepare for the possibility of more high winds and potential tornadoes.

+ + Need help today!

These communities face a long road to recovery. But right now, a hot meal served in love can make a huge difference as families begin to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. 

Will you help us feed tornado victims TODAY in both Little Rock and Rolling Fork and surrounding communities? Every meal we serve depends on the generosity of friends like you. Go here to sponsor meals we are serving this week to tornado victims:

In the midst of massive devastation, your support is helping Mercy Chefs serve hope to those who are hurting. This is why Mercy Chefs exists -- to feed body and soul in the midst of disaster and hardship.

Something happens when you hand a tornado victim who has lost everything a meal that has been meticulously prepared by a chef and served with love. And every meal we serve is an extension of your hope, your faith, your generosity, and your support.

Please keep praying for these communities... and helping as you can.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs