It's been five weeks since the wildfires devastated Lahaina, and the long road of recovery is just beginning.

Local authorities just announced the plan to begin allowing business owners and residents back into the restricted areas where so many homes and buildings were totally destroyed. That process will start later this month. The goal is to give home and business owners some closure on their lost properties.

A few more local businesses are opening, but it is clear that recovery for wildfire victims on Maui is going to take months and even years.

As I've been sharing, Mercy Chefs is continuing to help meet practical needs for wildfire victims in and around Lahaina. This week alone in partnership with The Plantation House and Citizen Church Maui, we provided hundreds of hot meals and Family Grocery Boxes. Each Grocery Box contains enough food for about 20 meals. We'll provide hundreds more in the coming week.

As we have done in the aftermath of other major disasters, we are also moving forward with plans to build out a full community kitchen based at Citizen Church to serve the people of Lahaina. Having a fully-equipped kitchen will enable Mercy Chefs and our partners to provide food relief for weeks and months to come.

We really need every Mercy Chefs friend standing with us to help meet both the immediate and longer-term needs of Maui wildfire victims. Just $35 will help us serve 10 hot meals and $70 can provide 40 meals through our Family Grocery Boxes. Of course every gift will help us lend support to those who are on the long road to recovery on Maui. Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

In the coming days, many families will be getting the first look at the charred remains of their homes. The magnitude of this disaster is hard to comprehend. That's why Mercy Chefs is still working to meet practical needs, and why I'm so grateful for your partnership.

Thank you so much and may God bless you,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

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