One week ago today, the world turned upside down for the people of Sulphur, Oklahoma.

Last Saturday evening, a very powerful EF3 tornado blew straight through this town, devastating neighborhoods and the historic downtown area. The level of destruction from a tornado is shocking every time I see it. To see brick buildings reduced to a pile of rubble or to walk through what used to be a family's home and have to imagine where the bedroom was can be overwhelming for your emotions.

+ + Crucial time to bring relief...

This is a crucial time for the families here because the reality of the long road of recovery is now setting in. The past week has mostly been a blur. Now, these families have to start looking ahead to life after the tornado.

Mercy Chefs is here. A large part of what we do is simply being PRESENT with those who are facing disaster or hardship. Our staff prays over every meal we serve. We deliver chef-prepared food, believing that God will use this offering as a deposit of tangible hope for those in need.

I'm so grateful for friends like you who partner with us to make every meal possible. Will you help us serve hot meals to tornado victims in Sulphur this weekend? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

Every meal we deliver is inspired by the generosity of friends like you. Thank you so much for joining with Mercy Chefs to "stand in the gap" for those who are hurting.

God bless,