Tuesday Update on Ukraine Crisis:

I have an important update on our efforts in Ukraine. Plus, we just received a special $50,000 Matching Challenge for Ukraine. Please see below and go here to have your gift doubled by the Challenge. --Gary

Mercy Chefs and our relief partners are making deep inroads into Ukraine, with deliveries within just a few miles of the front lines of the fighting. One of the teams just delivered 5,000 pounds of food within 10 kilometers of the battle lines -- just one of multiple distribution points we are working along the border and within Ukraine.

Multiple, large food deliveries are inbound and headed for our warehouse. We just obtained pallet racks for the warehouse which will help us to better organize and distribute what we are receiving more expeditiously. We'll be feeding tens of thousands more in the coming days.

Determining the routes and delivery points into Ukraine takes careful planning. We have set a delivery logistics headquarters to help us stay on top of all the security concerns as well as the best routes to reach the most people. 

+ + Special $50,000 Matching Challenge Gift for Ukraine Relief

With both the war and the refugee crises escalating, what we are doing is becoming even more important by the day. That's why I was so grateful to receive a call from a dear friend of Mercy Chefs who extended a $50,000 Matching Challenge Gift for our Ukraine relief efforts.

This Challenge Gift is a godsend and comes just as we have the opportunity to help reach tens of thousands of war refugees as well as those who are facing the full brunt of this war all the way to the very frontlines of the battle. 

I'm hoping to fully match this special Challenge Gift by the end of the day tomorrow (Wednesday), if not sooner.

Will you help us meet this $50,000 Ukraine Challenge as we reach tens of thousands of people at the forefront of this war with food and vital resources? Go here to help:

Thanks to this Challenge Gift, every dollar you donate will effectively be doubled by this Matching Challenge. Most importantly, you'll be helping us serve the practical needs of those who are facing the full brunt of this war -- both the refugees fleeing the country and those still inside Ukraine who need our help.

Finally, PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY for those whose lives are being devastated by this war. Also pray for our team as we navigate what are very dangerous deliveries deep inside of Ukraine. We are also short of some critical supplies, such as baby formula. Our contacts are telling us that this is a critical need in the hospitals inside of Ukraine. We are searching everywhere! We need breakthroughs in a number of areas.

Thank you so much for partnering with us.

God bless you,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. Please note that every dollar donated right now will effectively be doubled by this special $50,000 Ukraine Relief Challenge Gift. I'm hoping to fully match this challenge by end of the day tomorrow (if not sooner). Please help. Go here: