Please take a few minutes to review the latest edition of Surge -- the outreach report we prepare for friends and partners of Mercy Chefs. Go here:

This interactive report includes a detailed overview of Mercy Chefs Global, our growing international efforts to "just go feed people" wherever the need arises. While Mercy Chefs is primarily dedicated to serving the people of the United States, we feel God is growing our capacity to love and serve our neighbors in other nations as well. This has happened in extraordinary ways over the past year, including our massive response to the crisis in Ukraine, ongoing efforts to bring long-term relief and support in Latin America, and our recent deployment after the tragic earthquakes that devastated Turkey.

We cover all this and more in this special online edition of Surge. You'll also have access to video reports of recent outreach efforts and a special heartwarming message from my wife and Mercy Chefs co-founder, Ann, on her visit to an orphanage in Ukraine...

"There are bullet holes that look like stars in their fences. Bombed out homes and apartment buildings are everywhere. It nearly felt apocalyptic. Then we stepped inside this home-orphanage where 12 children live. Their roof had been bombed and the roof caved in, yet miraculously no one inside was hurt." (Go here to read more.)

Please take a few moments to review this issue of Surge. This is very much a report of what YOU have made possible!

Thank you and God bless you for your ongoing partnership with Mercy Chefs.

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. The first months of this year have seen Mercy Chefs deployed in responses to tornadoes here at home and earthquakes overseas. Plus, we just launched a permanent outreach kitchen in Latin America. This is all in addition to other ongoing efforts that are feeding thousands every week. Will you help us feed hurting families this week? Go here: