One of our lead chefs lives in Claremore, where the latest tornado hit. Please take a moment to hear Lisa's story, and help as you can. --Gary

I'm asking you to take two minutes to watch my report from Claremore, Oklahoma, where yet another community has been devastated by a tornado:

As you'll see, I'm standing with Chef Lisa Saylor, Mercy Chefs' Director of Disaster Relief and Long-Term Recovery. Lisa and her family have lived in Claremore for more than two decades. When the tornado hit, Lisa was with our team in Houston where we have served tens of thousands of meals to storm victims.

Lisa immediately dispatched to Claremore with a Mercy Chefs team. Tornado devastation is always shocking, but when it hits your hometown and your neighbors, it's beyond words.

Mercy Chefs is here in Claremore, providing hot meals to families who are still searching through the debris and trying to figure out how to rebuild their lives. 

I'm turning to friends like you once again. This is our fifth domestic deployment in just over a month. We served thousands of meals in Houston and here in Claremore yesterday. We have thousands more meals to prepare today.

Can I count on your help? Go here to help us feed families in Claremore who were hit this past weekend by yet another tornado:

When we recorded this video, Lisa had not yet even returned to her home and her neighborhood. It was too painful. So she just went to work preparing and delivering meals to her neighbors who are still very much in shock.

This has been one of the most difficult tornado and spring storm seasons we have ever seen. Please pray for those impacted, and help as you can.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs