During Mercy Chef founder Gary LeBlanc's previous trip to Puerto Rico, he shared about a number of residents on the island who were experiencing intense fear, anxiety and depression from the darkness caused by nearly eight months without power. The inability to simply turn on a light was — and still is — affecting them in a very real way.

Mercy Chefs' staff heard rumors that suicide rates were spiking in Puerto Rico, but it wasn't until they read a recent statistic that quantified how severe the mental-health crisis is becoming on the island. According to Vox Media:

"The number of people on the island who have reportedly tried to kill themselves since Hurricane Maria hit the island has more than tripled. From November 2017 through January 2018, a crisis hotline run by Puerto Rico's Department of Health received 3,050 calls from people who said they had attempted suicide. That's an astounding 246 percent increase compared to the same time last year."

Mercy Chefs has the opportunity to bring light in the midst of this darkness for 40 families! After nearly eight months of living without power, dozens of families now have the opportunity to receive a permanent energy solution for their home with your help.

Please click here to make your best tax-deductible gift now to support Mercy Chefs' efforts to provide solar power to Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico.

Thousands of Hurricane Maria victims are still hurting in the aftermath of the devastating and deadly Category 5 storm. Mercy Chefs is beginning the process of finding the people in greatest need of electricity. Those are the first storm victims Chef Gary and his team want to receive solar panels for their homes. They're creating a checklist and will interview prospective families soon.

Mercy Chefs says they are so grateful for the company in Richmond, Virginia, that has donated 200 solar panels to Mercy Chefs. A cost of $2,000 per home, our team can install five panels that a family can use to run a refrigerator, led lights, a fan and a small in-home medical unit. Again, this is a permanent energy solution for 40 families still in the dark.

But to power those homes, Mercy Chefs needs to raise $80,000 this summer. So far, they're only about 10 percent of the way to that goal. Your tax-deductible donation of $50, $100 or more today will help fully fund this important initiative. Please click here to donate now.

Many of the solar panels will be installed on homes that, likely, won't receive electricity again. The goal is to make sure these families don't lose electricity again... ever! Mercy Chefs' 200 solar panels are being donated and installed on the homes of the most helpless in Puerto Rico: the elderly, chronically ill, widows and single moms.

Please click here to donate now and keep Mercy Chefs' "Operation Crisis Recovery" efforts on track, as they continue this and other vital outreaches.

Thank you, in advance, for standing with Hurricane Maria survivors by supporting Mercy Chefs' "Operation Crisis Recovery."

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