A special THANK YOU to all who helped by sponsoring holiday meals this past week as we launched our Thanksgiving and Christmas outreaches with a return trip to Fort Myers over the weekend.

We delivered about 6,000 meals across areas of Lee County still greatly affected by Hurricane Ian. We still saw countless tarped roofs and debris piled up mile after mile, which serve as constant reminders of how much the families here still need help.

Our chef team was humbled to have had the opportunity to serve these communities a classic Thanksgiving feast with all the fixings: delicious turkey, sliced ham, freshly mashed potatoes with scratch made gravy, homemade cranberry sauce, a side of cajun candied carrots, complete with a roll and caramel swirl cake with pumpkin icing. We also distributed gift cards and grocery boxes full of pantry staples for these families.

+ + Our holiday efforts have just begun...

This past weekend's Fort Myers Thanksgiving outreach marked the launch of our holiday efforts that will help thousands of people here in America and overseas.

Our partners in Puerto Rico will be providing about 1,500 holiday meals, and we'll serve thousands more to refugees in Ukraine as part of our ongoing efforts there. Our teams will also be providing food and toys this holiday season in Honduras as well as meals in the Dominican Republic. Plus, our stateside community kitchens will be providing holiday meals to those hit by hardship here at home.

+ + Still need your help...

That means we still need help from friends across the country this holiday season. This Thanksgiving week, would you consider taking up my challenge of matching what you typically spend on a holiday dinner with a corresponding gift to Mercy Chefs?

Most families spend between $100 and $200 on their Thanksgiving meal. If you can match the $100 you'll spend on your Thanksgiving with an equal gift to Mercy Chefs, we'll feed FIVE FAMILIES of four! Perhaps you can do more. Every gift will help. Go here to help feed families a special holiday meal:

The holidays can be extremely lonely for folks still picking up the pieces from a storm. This is precisely why we return each year around the holidays to communities that have been hit hard by disaster. We want them to know that they are not alone!

Thank you for partnering with us to brighten the holiday season for hurting families.

May God bless you,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. It was my great privilege to be in Fort Myers this past weekend and help deliver 6,000 holiday meals that friends like you made possible. If you already took up my challenge of matching what you'll spend on Thanksgiving with a corresponding gift, thank you so much! If not, please help us continue this vital outreach through the holiday season. Go here: