With the crisis in Israel continuing to escalate, our Mercy Chefs team has established our base camp for food and hot meal distribution in a central location that will allow us to serve Israeli war victims across the country.

Israel is a small country. Just about everyone our team speaks with has been directly impacted by the horrific terror attacks from last weekend. The signs and sounds of war are everywhere. At our base camp, our team is hearing the rockets that continue to be launched by Hamas terrorists inside Gaza.

+ + Families evacuated to our base camp...

Dozens of families have been evacuated from the front lines of this war to our base camp. Mercy Chefs will be feeding these families while also sending meals to other locations that are housing evacuees. Mercy Chefs meals will also reach those who have remained in the cities along the border of Gaza.

We expect that our chef team will be fully operational at our base camp and providing hot meals to families across Israel THIS WEEKEND. That means the next 48 hours are critical as we ramp up and begin distributing thousands of hot meals.

Can you help today?

It costs about $70 to provide 20 hot meals during a crisis deployment. Perhaps you can do more and sponsor 30 meals ($105) or even 50 ($175) or 100 ($350). Some friends have even donated $1,000 or more. EVERY GIFT WILL HELP. Go here to help Mercy Chefs rush relief to war victims in Israel:

Finally, Mercy Chefs has set aside TODAY for a special 24 HOUR PRAYER FOCUS for Israel. If you have not yet signed up for this virtual prayer event, please go here

Let's stand together with the people of Israel -- through our prayers and our financial support.

Thanks and God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs