Earlier this week, we surpassed 30,000 hot meals served in Israel. Please see the latest update below, and go here to sponsor meals for Israeli families. --Gary

We're now more than a month into our deployment providing hot meals and Family Grocery Boxes to families across Israel. See below for a brief video report my team just filed from our base camp in central Israel.

Working out of a newly certified kosher kitchen, Mercy Chefs just surpassed 30,000 hot meals served. When we add in the meals provided through our Family Grocery Box distribution, Mercy Chefs and our partners have distributed more than 72,000 meals over the past month.

But there is much more to be done. Israel is a nation in a war
for its survival. Air raid sirens are heard daily, and Hamas rockets are still penetrating the defenses.

Today, we'll serve families who have been forced to evacuate their homes as well as those who are still sleeping in bomb shelters near the border. 

Would you consider sponsoring 10 people in Israel we'll serve in the next 24 hours? Perhaps you can sponsor 20 meals ($70) or more. Go here to sponsor Israeli families we are feeding today through this weekend:

Finally, please keep praying for the nation of Israel. This nation is facing war on three borders, in addition to the shocking rise of anti-Semitism we're seeing worldwide.

We need to pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

Thank you, and God bless you.

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs