The fire devastation in Hawaii is almost unthinkable. Hundreds of homes and buildings look like this, or worse...

Mercy Chefs is here, at the very epicenter of this unprecedented disaster. Yesterday, a tractor trailer full of fresh food arrived, allowing our team to begin preparing hot meals. We served our first meals at lunch and then again for dinner.

As I write, it's still early morning in Hawaii but our team is already at work preparing for what we expect will be an extremely busy day and weekend of providing hot meals to wildfire victims and volunteers.

I'm asking for your help this weekend in a special way...

Our team will be serving thousands of meals in the coming days and we need friends like you to partner with us, especially over the next 72 hours.

All weekend, we'll be feeding wildfire victims whose homes and lives have been devastated. Will you help? Go here to sponsor 10, 20, 50 or even 100 meals for Maui wildfire victims:

+ + Death toll climbs...

Sadly, the death toll continues to rise as emergency workers search for those who are still unaccounted for. As of earlier this morning, 80 are confirmed dead, making this the deadliest disaster in state history.

Mercy Chefs is in Hawaii right now. All weekend, we'll be serving hot meals to fire victims, volunteers and emergency workers.

Please pray for the people on Maui who have lost loved ones and, for many, all their earthly belongings. And help as you can.