I'd like you to meet Sarah. She lost her home in the Maui wildfires and she has a story to share with you:

For Sarah and her friends and neighbors, last Tuesday started out as a fairly normal day. Even the high winds from the distant hurricane didn't set off alarm bells. Sarah lost power at her home that morning so she went to Citizen Church where she works. A few hours later, they lost cell phone service and then people who were evacuating began arriving at their church looking for help. I'll let Sarah tell the rest of her story, but within hours, her home -- and thousands of homes -- were gone.

I'm here in Maui with our team and it is hard to describe what Lahaina looks like: blocks and blocks of burned out homes and buildings...

Mercy Chefs is right in the midst of this devastating tragedy, providing hot meals to wildfire victims from multiple locations. We're feeding folks who have sought refuge in shelters. Others are still searching through the charred remains of their homes for anything that may have survived the flames.

The simple fact is, we need your help! Every meal we provide is sponsored by friends like you.

Can you help today?

Even $35 will help us provide 10 hot meals. Perhaps you can do more and sponsor 20, 50, 100 or more meals.

Every gift makes a difference. Go here to help sponsor meals for wildfire victims:

I'll have more to share with you soon. Please be praying for the people of Maui -- especially those who have lost loved ones and homes. And help as you can.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs