When the Arkansas River overflowed its banks in May, the town of Moffett, Oklahoma, was inundated. The river rose to an all-time high of 40 feet and flooded the town in water for days. Just about the entire town was under water, including the Moffett School, which was hit with as much as six feet of floodwaters.

Nearly everything inside the school building was destroyed. One teacher said that they could only salvage a few boxes of materials from decades of teaching children at the school.

Our friends at God's Pit Crew -- a crisis response organization that helps rebuild after disasters -- got involved and are partnering with the town to rebuild the school. They are telling us this is one of the most overwhelming needs they have seen. It is also the largest project they have ever taken on, with a goal of completing enough of the reconstruction in August so the school can reopen.

Beginning August 1, Mercy Chefs will be on site with one of our mobile kitchens providing hot meals for our friends with God's Pit Crew. We'll be serving there all month long as the team works to get the facility ready for the first day of school. The cafeteria and classrooms are expected to be ready in time for the fall semester, but the kitchen will not be able to serve meals when the kids come back to school. So we are planning on leaving our mobile kitchen in Moffett, which will enable them to reopen on time.

Once again, Mercy Chefs has the opportunity to return to a community weeks after disaster strikes and provide support on the long road to recovery. I'm asking friends of this ministry to partner with us so we can help this community rebuild its school which is the very epicenter of the entire town. Go here to make your tax-deductible gift to help us provide meals to help rebuild this school while we continue other efforts:

This is one of the many ways Mercy Chefs is meeting critical needs this summer -- far away from the "headlines" in some of the forgotten places that have been hard hit by disaster in recent months. In all, we'll provide thousands of meals to families still recovering from Hurricane Michael, children left homeless by disaster, and workers helping communities rebuild.

And every meal is made possible by the generosity of friends like you.

Thank you, in advance, for partnering with Mercy Chefs and equipping us to "feed body and soul" to so many hurting people in so many ways.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Founder
Mercy Chefs

(Photo of Moffett flooding Facebook: Misty Atkerson.)