Oklahoma just got hit again...

A second major round of severe storms and tornadoes swept across the Sooner State last night, causing extensive damage in Northeast Oklahoma.

The worst effects were felt in Barnsdall and neighboring towns, where at least one person has died and the community suffered extensive damage.

Trees and power lines have been toppled, many homes have been damaged or destroyed, and the main water distribution line was broken.

+ + We are deploying AGAIN in Oklahoma. First meals THIS EVENING!

In light of this second major tornado strike in Oklahoma in just over a week, Mercy Chefs is deploying to Barnsdall.

Beginning this evening, we will be serving hot, chef-prepared meals to tornado victims, emergency workers and volunteers -- AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!

This is our second tornado deployment in 10 days. We need every Mercy Chefs friend standing with us.

Go here to help sponsor hot meals for tornado victims in Barnsdall who just got hit last night while we continue other outreaches:

This has been one of the strongest storm patterns that we have seen in some time. More storms are forecast this evening. Please pray for this entire region, and pray specifically for the folks in Barnsdall and surrounding communities who just got hit.

God bless,