WE ARE SERVING MEALS TONIGHT IN FORT MYERS which is one of the "ground zero" locations of Hurricane Ian's strike.

Ft. Myers has been decimated. Rescue workers, emergency personnel and hurricane victims NEED HELP now.

Can you help me THIS EVENING as we begin serving meals in response to what Governor DeSantis is calling a "500-year" catastrophe? Go here to donate and help us provide hot, chef-prepared meals to hurricane victims and emergency workers:

What we are seeing here is stunning. Total devastation. Please pray, and help us as we begin serving meals this evening.

God Bless,


P.S. This is an immense storm that will likely require the largest and costliest response in our history. If you haven't yet helped, PLEASE DO SO TODAY! If you already donated and have the means to help again, please consider doing so. Go here to help Mercy Chefs with Hurricane Ian relief, and thanks in advance for your help.