Reports out of Kharkiv indicate that shelling has intensified again in this hard-hit city. Seven more civilians died. 17 were injured. The pain only continues for so many inside Ukraine.

Mercy Chefs has delivered countless thousands of pounds of food to Kharkiv and other regions where damage from this devastating war is everywhere. In fact, Kharkiv was at the center of our relief efforts for several consecutive weeks. One of the pastors in Kharkiv who assisted in our deliveries had his house hit by a Russian attack last month. All the windows in his home were blown out and there is now a huge crater in his front yard. His neighbor was killed.

Mercy Chefs and our partners have been getting relief directly to the critical points of need for nearly three months now, and we need your help to deliver THOUSANDS more pounds of food in the coming days. Please consider helping to sponsor 10, 20, 50 or even 100 meals THIS WEEKEND for Ukrainians who have now suffered under THREE MONTHS of war. Go here to make your tax-deductible gift, and see here for more details.

God bless,