I have some shocking news to share with you...

Over Easter weekend, many Christian families in Pakistan came under blatant religious persecution.

It was Good Friday and the families were working desperate jobs that pay them less than two dollars a day. This keeps many Christian communities in Pakistan in extreme poverty.

These families came home from work on Good Friday to discover that their homes had been burned to the ground in what was a blatant act of religious persecution. Here's some of the wreckage...

Please understand -- these families were already just barely surviving. Many are forced to make 1,000 bricks every day for meager wages that make it impossible to pay back the "loans" from the factory owners.

Then, they lost everything to anti-Christian zealots.

+ + Mercy Chefs is responding...

When I heard about the plight of so many Christians in Pakistan and these families who have come under attack, I knew Mercy Chefs had to respond. We immediately contacted one of our partners who specializes in temporary shelters so these Christians in Pakistan can have somewhere safe and dry to sleep at night.

Our next mission is to make sure these families are fed.

Effective immediately, Mercy Chefs is now working to provide persecuted families with Grocery Packs that can feed their families for an entire month -- along with vital cooking supplies to help them make it through this desperate time.

Now I'm turning to you for help.

Would you prayerfully consider helping to sponsor Christian Pakistani families who have just lost everything?

Your support right now can help save the lives of Christians who are coming under attack. Go here to help persecuted Pakistani Christians while we continue other vital efforts:

My heart breaks for these beautiful people -- our brothers and sisters -- who face such desperate conditions and now have lost everything to religious persecution.

Mercy Chefs is taking action. We CAN help these families. But we need YOUR support!

Please partner with us, and pray for these families.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs