It's difficult to describe how bad the conditions are in Turkey right now.

I'm sure you heard that another earthquake hit the region yesterday, centered in Antakya and registering 6.3 on the scale. Technically, this was considered an aftershock -- there have been over 7,000 aftershocks since the first earthquake hit. Yesterday's was very strong, added to the death toll and once again sent rescue workers scrambling to save individuals trapped in collapsed buildings.

The Turkish government is reporting that an astonishing 140,000 buildings have collapsed or are severely damaged, and 900,000 have been forced from their homes into tent cities or the streets. This is an immense humanitarian crisis -- the worst I've ever seen in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

I want to do everything possible to help those caught in this crisis. As I've been sharing with you, our first container kitchen just began serving meals right in Antakya where this latest earthquake aftershock hit. We will feed thousands this week from this one kitchen, in addition to our other efforts with our partners in other hard-hit cities that are reaching thousands more earthquake victims every day.

With this new container kitchen, we now have a "model" we can replicate in city after city -- if we only have the resources. In fact, my team already secured additional containers that are ready to be converted.

But we need YOUR HELP! Will you stand with me this week as we reach thousands of earthquake victims and work to expand to reach even more? Go here to help feed 10, 50 or even 100 earthquake victims this week:

If you haven't yet donated to our Turkey relief efforts, would you please prayerfully consider helping now? We need an influx of support to help expand our efforts.

Every meal we serve and every container kitchen we build is made possible by friends like you. Please pray for our team and pray for those who are suffering so greatly.

May God bless you


News source: CNN