I was just alerted to some shocking facts regarding Hurricane Michael...

And it explains in part why there is still such a persistent crisis all throughout the Florida Panhandle.

According to published reports, the major relief organizations received just a fraction of the total support after Hurricane Michael as compared to other major, recent disasters. For example, Red Cross received just ONE-TENTH of the support after Michael as compared to 2017's Hurricane Harvey. United Way's funding dropped by 86% and Salvation Army saw a similar decline.

It's so bad that local media are now calling this area the "Forgotten Coast."


Here at Mercy Chefs, we also saw a decline of funding support after Michael as compared to Harvey -- despite the fact that we were deployed longer and served as many if not more meals! 

Now, I'm faced with a very difficult challenge.

As I write, we're gearing up to return to the Florida Panhandle for most of the month of March. It's one of our largest, longest, and most costly re-deployments in our history. And it's happening in addition to our ongoing efforts that serve thousands of meals each month to needy children and families.

But as of today, we are far short of our normal, monthly budget -- and I really need additional support to get us ready for this major re-deployment.

Specifically, we need about $20,000 THIS WEEK to keep us on track.

Can I count on your hep?

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This is a critical time for the people of the "Forgotten Coast." I want to help. I want to let these folks know that they are not forgotten!

Thanks in advance for your help, and God bless you!

Gary LeBlanc

P.S. Hurricane Michael was one of the most devastating disasters I have personally witnessed. One report from this past week says "nine out of 10 homes have tarps on them right now" and many are "still living in tents or in their cars." Yet for some reason, funding has been scarce. Mercy Chefs is headed back, but we need your help! Thanks in advance. 

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Steve Elliott


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