The updates I am receiving from our team in Honduras are alarming and disturbing.

First of all, people are now living in makeshift "tent" cities
-- mostly tarps set up to provide any form of protection against the elements. Yesterday, our team was in an area called Flores in La Lima where about 250 people are living in one of the tent cities. They set up their tents near a bridge in case another flood hits. They have been flooded four times -- twice by the monster hurricanes and two more times from the ongoing rains because the dams have broken.

These are some of the most desperate conditions our team has seen. We also brought relief to another community of about 70 people who have lost everything. This is in addition to providing hot meals to an orphanage and two shelters, along with thousands of survival meals and countless thousands of gallons of drinking water.

+ + Areas still flooded...

The hurricanes and the ongoing rains have meant some areas are still flooded, weeks after the first storm hit. Some homes remain inundated with water, and streets are impassable due to mud and water. The situation is bleak at best. 

The third site Mercy Chefs visited yesterday broke our team's hearts. The pastor there lost his home. His elderly mom is now forced to live under a tattered tarp on an old mattress, without even any walls for protection.

In these desperate times, Mercy Chefs is doing everything we can to help meet the need.

For these and other devastated communities, we are providing groceries, hygiene kits and even shoes. But I want to do more. I want to provide more hot meals, more Survival Packs, and more drinking water.

But to do so, I need friends like you to step forward and help right now.

Will you help sponsor three, five or even ten families in Honduras while you help Mercy Chefs as we continue to meet critical needs here at home? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

What your partnership with Mercy Chefs is providing right now is a LIFELINE OF HOPE for thousands in Honduras. Our team members are working in remote villages and makeshift "tent" communities that have been among the hardest hit and the least reached. For some, this may be the first relief help they've received.

As our team members personally hand survival meal packs to hurting families on the very front lines of this disaster, I know it is friends like you who made this all possible. It is as if YOU handed the groceries to Mercy Chefs so we could be there in Honduras -- as an extension of your hands.

Thank you so much, and God bless.

Gary LeBlanc

P.S. Today through this weekend, we'll provide thousands more meals in addition to fresh drinking water and urgently needed supplies. Your gift today will help make this possible! Conditions in Honduras are desperate -- ongoing flooding, little or no access to food or drinking water, and people living in makeshift "tent" cities. Please help. Go here: