It's Day 14 of our deployment and conditions are not getting any better.

In fact, at a time when many of our deployments are scaling down, Mercy Chefs has just been asked to RAMP UP our outreach and expand the number of meals we are serving. Earlier today, we received two such requests that will increase our daily meal distribution by over 1,300 meals.

+ + Shocking truth of this Florida disaster

As I have noted, the destruction here on Florida's Panhandle is as bad if not worse than anything I have seen in 12 years with Mercy Chefs. Here's just some of what the media is no longer reporting...

--There is still no power or running water in many of the areas we are serving. TWO WEEKS with no power... no showers... no refrigeration... no drinking water. 

--Even where power has returned, everyone is on a "boil" warning because the water is not safe.

--80-90 percent of the homes here have major structural damage; many beyond repair. Many of these families spend their days trying to figure out what to do next.

--Those at the epicenter of the devastation (including the emergency workers) are very much isolated here, making our hot meals even more critical. Often, there simply is no other option for a good meal.

--There is still no end in sight to the immediate, urgent crisis. Until power, running water and basic services are restored, we are still in an emergency situation.

As I noted, just today Mercy Chefs has been asked to step up and provide an additional 1,300 meals per day. This is ON TOP OF the thousands of meals we are already serving.

Quite frankly, we do not have the resources or the reserves to meet this new need. But I'm stepping out in faith, trusting that the Lord will provide as we reach out with practical help to those in such urgent need.

Will you partner with me? Will you help Mercy Chefs meet this growing need of 1,300 additional meals here in Florida as we enter Week Three of this crisis? Please go here to make your tax-deductible gift to help provide meals and support to hurricane victims while we continue other vital efforts

We are maximizing every dollar donated. But I want to do more. I want to provide these additional 1,300 meals. I want to stay as long are our hot meals are needed.

But to do so, I need help.

Can I count on you ?

Even if you already helped, please prayerfully consider making an additional donation today. If you haven't help yet with our Florida outreach, PLEASE DO SO TODAY! Just $25 will help sponsor 10 meals; $50 will get meals to 20 people; $100 will bless 40 people.

As always, thank you for your support, and for your prayers. And may God bless you richly.


P.S. There's nothing here that is normal. Everything and everyone is in crisis. But it's amazing what a hot meal served in love can do to bring relief to a family that is still trying to figure out what to do next, or a disaster worker who is exhausted from the long days of endless work. Thank you for your partnership, and for helping me meet this new need for an additional 1,300 meals a day. Go here to make your tax-deductible gift: