I thought things might slow down yesterday, but that wasn't the case. In all, we served 7,848 meals -- actually up from Thursday.

Cars were coming to Mercy Chefs ALL DAY. Once again, the demand was more than we expected.

So here's my simple request...

Would you help Mercy Chefs serve the Lake Charles community and thousands of Hurricane Delta victims this weekend? The need is great. Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:


We are well over 30,000 meals served here just since Monday. It's been crazy. Our team has been working from before sunup until well into the evening to make sure we serve those who are coming to us for meals. 

Thanks in advance for your help, and God bless.

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. Below, I've included a few of the comments we've received from folks who are grateful for the meals YOUR GENEROSITY is making possible. Please help me meet the need this weekend. Go here.

You fed my kids. I love you. -- E.F.

I can’t explain the smile you’ve put on my children’s faces. Your meals have truly been a blessing & appreciated!! Thank you. -- B.T.

I can’t thank you guys enough!! You are bringing so much light and hope during our darkness!! You guys are truly inspiring !! Thank you thank you thank you!! May Jesus bless all of you with abundant Blessings!!!! -- D.J.

You all are such a blessing to Lake Charles and the surrounding areas. We thank you so much for the God in you and your commitment to serve others. Lake Charles is blessed and we appreciate you much period may the Lord bless and keep you in all that you do in Jesus' name. -- D.H.

Southwest Louisiana is so thankful & blessed to have Mercy Chefs on the front line serving delicious hot meals after 2 devastating hurricanes. We so appreciate the sacrifices all of you made to help feed all of us! -- J.Y.

Absolutely delicious meals. You have truly blessed my family and provided me with one less worry during this uncertain time. Thank you thank you thank you. -- N.S.

THANK YOU for being here! It is so wonderful knowing that you’ve got a Good Hardie Nutritious Hot meal for your family after working all day in the yard or cleaning your house or picking up debris or scrubbing down walls or packing up your life or trying to salvage what you can from your damaged home.......You Are So Appreciated!!!! May God Bless each & every one of you!!!!! -- C.D.

Yesterday you fed my husband. Aftermath of Laura you fed my family. Every meal was extremely delicious. Thank you all! -- M.G.

Thank you so much! There truly are no words to fully express what a blessing you all are to our community. God bless you! -- S.A.