Wednesday Midday from Sunrise, FL:

This is a very, very difficult situation. Search and rescue teams are working on 2-6 hours of sleep. Shift after shift. More and more people are showing up at the family assistance center, waiting for any word on their loved ones. They just announced that four more bodies had been recovered. 

Nearly 150 are still missing. Hope is fading but workers continue day and night. The process is almost unimaginably difficult. Every piece must be carefully removed. When human remains are found, authorities begin a process of identifying the deceased. Most often, they are trying to make a DNA match. 

We're being told this could go on for weeks. This is extremely important work because we respect the dignity of every life and everyone here wants to do everything possible for these families. Another search and rescue team has been called in because the work is overwhelming. Now, a new tropical storm is threatening to make this even more difficult.

Today, we've served breakfast and lunch. Our team is working on dinner as I write. I am committed to doing everything Mercy Chefs can to help in this tragic situation. Will you partner with us now and through this holiday weekend? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift to help sponsor meals for rescue workers in Miami, and click here for more.


P.S. Here's what we served for breakfast this morning. These meals were taken directly to the search and rescue team members, many of whom had worked all night or were getting ready to start their shift after just a few hours of sleep. Also, I posted a video report you can access here. Thank you for partnering with Mercy Chefs as we serve on the very front lines of this tragedy. God bless.