I just saw MORE EVIDENCE that Hurricane Michael -- the second worst hurricane ever to hit the mainland U.S. -- has been all-but forgotten. A new poll conducted of Florida residents "would do nothing" to help their fellow Floridians with relief, and 75% say they will not donate funds to help.

+ + Sobering reality...

This despite the fact that the need here is immense. There is still a reported 72 MILLION TONS of debris, creating a massive health, fire and safety hazard. And the kids are suffering the most.

With 40% of all buildings in Panama City still uninhabitable as a result of Hurricane Michael, thousands are being forced to the streets. An estimated 5,000 children are without a permanent place to call home due to the storm, leaving many kids urgently in need of nutritious meals.

It's hard to measure the impact on a community when 5,000 kids are suddenly added to the homeless roles. Unless help comes, the devastation could be felt for decades. They are already seeing the effects with a dramatic rise in children needing emotional and psychological help. One report indicates that one-third of the area's 30,000 students "likely have clinical symptoms of depression, anxiety or PTSD."

This is why Mercy Chefs is here! I can't turn away from these kids... from this need. But with our team serving meals six days a week, and with word spreading in the community, I'm relying on friends like you to partner with me to make this happen.

Here's what I'm asking you to do.

Would you prayerfully consider sponsoring one, two, four, ten, or more kids to receive meals for an entire week? It costs about $50 to feed a child for a week; $100 will help us cover two children; $200 will help us feed four kids for a week.

I need your help THIS WEEK to serve thousands of meals. Go here to help sponsor one, two, five or even ten kids left homeless in Florida while we continue other vital efforts to feed "body and soul":


+ + These kids need our support!

My heart breaks for these children here in Panama City who, months after the hurricane hit, are still "couch surfing" with nowhere to sleep, not knowing where their next meal will come from. That's why we're converting one of the Panama City school facilities into a "Beacon Of Hope" that will include special activities for children as well as 80-100 bunks for volunteers coming to the region.

I'm stepping out in faith to meet this need. Thousands of kids need our help! Your gift of just $50 will help sponsor one child to receive hot, nutritious meals for an entire week. Perhaps you can sponsor two, or four or even ten.

Every gift will help! Thanks in advance for your partnership with Mercy Chefs, and God bless you!

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. Over the past month, I've been both in Ohio for our response to the tornadoes that struck the Dayton area as well as Panama City. What keeps me going is coming face-to-face with the need... a family still disoriented by the tornado that just devastated their home and their community... the single mom who comes to Mercy Chefs with her children, grateful for a hot dinner because she's still struggling to find a permanent home. This is why we get up every morning! And this is why I'm so grateful for friends like you who partner with us. Will you stand with me to help these kids? Go here: