The people we are meeting during this incredible relief mission in the midst of the Ukraine war are quite amazing.

From our base in Romania near the border of Ukraine, we have seen community leaders, local volunteers and truck drivers working together to make this lifeline a possibility. It's hard to imagine just over six weeks ago, I had never met these people, many of whom quickly became friends and partners in our shared mission of getting relief to those who were escaping this horrible war as well as those on the front lines of the battle.

The same has happened inside Ukraine, where a network of churches and partners have joined with us to help get the food from our trucks to those who are most in need -- even to those who have been forced to hide out in basements and subway stations for days or even weeks due to the constant bombing.

A few days ago, one of our partners who works with us just outside of the devastated city of Kharkiv prepared a short "thank you" video that I'm sending along to you. Click below to watch:

I have had the privilege of meeting many of those who are working with us and some of the families your support is helping. I wish you could shake their hands, as I have, and hand them a packet of food that will help their family make it through several more days during this destructive war. 

We just passed 1.25 million pounds of food and supplies delivered into Ukraine, and another truck is leaving our warehouse today. We'll feed tens of thousands more Ukrainians this week, many who are depending on the lifeline of hope your support is making possible.

These wonderful Ukrainians are depending on us. And we are depending on you! Will you help Mercy Chefs today as we continue to deliver vital food and supplies deep inside Ukraine and continue other vital efforts? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

In a very real way, support from friends like you makes every pound of food we deliver possible. Right now, there is no end in sight to the need. I want to continue what for Mercy Chefs is an unprecedented relief effort. I must keep this lifeline of practical relief going! But to do so, I need your help!

Thank you for your support. And thanks for your prayers.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs