Please see the latest edition of SURGE -- a special report we prepare for friends and partners of Mercy Chefs. Go here:

We create this interactive report to provide friends like you a snapshot of some of our recent outreach efforts. This issue opens with a look at our response to the devastating tornado that hit Rolling Fork, Mississippi. One woman from Rolling Fork told us she left for the night to go visit a friend just a short drive away only to return the next day and learn that many of her neighbors had lost their lives. Another person shared that they had survived off of granola bars for 4 days before we found her and served her a chef-prepared dinner.

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This year, Mercy Chefs has responded to numerous natural disasters while also expanding our domestic and international outreach efforts. As we follow our mission to Just Go Feed People, doors are opening in places we never imagined Mercy Chefs would go.

And your support makes every meal and every outreach possible.

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy this issue of SURGE.

God Bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. As I write, Mercy Chefs is still helping wildfire victims on Maui. This week alone, we'll provide thousands of meals for fire victims and thousands more through our community kitchens and Mercy Chefs Global outreaches. We need your help! Go here to help sponsor meals we'll serve this week to those impacted by disaster and hardship: