I have a special request for you...

Would you prayerfully consider helping to sponsor 10 meals for the search teams who are still working long hours in South Florida to recover the victims and give the families some sense of closure on the horrible tragedy? If you can sponsor 10 meals for just $35 (or 20, or 50 or even 100), please go here to make your gift:

We need about 600 friends to partner with us to help sponsor the meals we are serving this week. As you know, Mercy Chefs was asked to be the exclusive provider of hot meals to the search teams. This Friday will mark three weeks of our deployment here, and I'm determined to keep serving meals as long as these teams are working. But I need friends like you to help make that happen.

Conditions in Surfside have been very difficult -- oppressive heat and humidity along with deluges of rains. No matter the conditions, the teams won't stop. A few days ago, officials brought in a new team to relieve one of the crews that had been on site since the beginning. The crew wouldn't leave!

What a great privilege it is for our Mercy Chefs' team to serve these men and women -- to hand them a delicious, nutritious hot meal that gives them the calories they need to keep on working. Here's a meal we served earlier this week...

I am so grateful for you. Your prayers and your financial support are making a real difference at the epicenter of this tragic condo collapse. Thank you and God bless you!

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. We were able to move our base of operations even closer to the pile of rubble where the teams are working. I wish you could see what a blessing these meals are to the search and rescue teams. They are working as hard as humanly possible in very difficult conditions. They love our chef-prepared meals. Thank you for your help. If you can, please sponsor 10 meals (just $35) today. Go here: