Wednesday P.M. from Ukraine Border:

I just recorded a special video report from Mercy Chefs' warehouse on the border of Ukraine where we are preparing shipments of food and vital necessities that are reaching deep inside Ukraine to the heart of the war zone. Click below to watch:

+ + Will you help me feed a family in Ukraine today?

As I explain in my report, our team is assembling the food we're receiving at our warehouse on the Ukrainian border into Family Survival Boxes that are then distributed to families across Ukraine -- all the way to the front lines of this war.

Each Family Survival Box contains the essentials to feed a family of four for five days. It's a lifeline of food for the folks in Ukraine, many who have gone days without a real meal, some without anything to eat.

It costs about $20 to prepare and deliver one of these Family Survival Boxes. That means your gift of $20 will feed a family of four inside Ukraine for five days. Would you prayerfully consider helping to sponsor three Ukrainian families today for $60, or even five families ($100), 10 families ($200), 50 families ($1,000) or more? Go here to help feed families in Ukraine now:

The situation we are facing here in Ukraine is unlike anything I have ever encountered. Millions have fled the country. Millions more are trying to survive in the middle of a war zone. Every day, conditions become more desperate. One of our pastors shared with us that a mom and her son hadn't eaten anything of significance for three weeks before our team brought help.

Right now, the window of opportunity remains open for Mercy Chefs and our partners to bring relief directly into Ukraine. We've already delivered over 800,000 pounds of groceries and essentials into Ukraine, and earlier today, another truck left our warehouse with thousands more pounds of food for the Family Survival Boxes that have become a literal lifeline for so many.

Tomorrow, we'll send more food and more survival boxes.

But the costs are staggering. We need your help to keep this lifeline going!

Thanks for your prayers and your support.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs