The Texas Panhandle is suffering. The people here are in shock while the fires still burn.

+ + Felt like "Armageddon"

A "perfect storm" of a lush summer growing season combined with very dry, arid conditions in the fall made the grasslands perfect fuel for the worst wildfires in Texas history. Here's how one local official described the fires:

“There was just boiling smoke everywhere, and what amazed me was the actual walls of towering smoke. Somebody compared it to Armageddon, and it certainly felt like that.”

A reporter with Texas Monthly said this about the charred landscape:

"It looked like the earth’s outer layer had been peeled back with a giant blade. Where just a week ago, hundred-year-old live oaks dotted dense grassland, an eerie moonscape — naked, desertlike, and sepia-toned — had quickly taken its place."

+ + Delivering food and hope...

Yesterday, our Mercy Chefs team was on the frontlines of the disaster, delivering Family Grocery Boxes with 15,000 meals for wildfire victims.

We met families that had lost everything -- their homes, their cars, their livelihoods burned to the ground. Others were thankful to receive fresh food after coming home to refrigerators filled with spoiled goods.

Thanks to you, Mercy Chefs is delivering food... and hope... to wildfire victims. But I want to do more.

The destruction on the Texas Panhandle is immense. Many need help this weekend. Others will be rebuilding their lives for months and years to come.

Can you help today through this weekend as we expand our relief efforts for wildfire victims on the Texas Panhandle? Perhaps you could sponsor two families to each receive enough food for 50 meals. Perhaps you can do more. Go here to help Texas wildfire victims:

Your prayers and support make every meal we deliver possible. Thank you so much for your faithfulness.

May God bless you,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

Source: Texas Monthly