14 MILLION Texans are still under a "boil water" order. Tens of thousands don't have running water. Pipes have burst. Basic necessities are difficult to come by. Please see below. --Gary

THE CRISIS IN TEXAS IS REAL. No power. NO water. No heat. No groceries. The supply chain has been broken. As a result, many people are still facing extremely difficult circumstances.

+ + Seniors with NO POWER for four days!

Yesterday we heard about an assisted care facility that had been without power for four days. Their water was also disrupted. With elevators not working, many of the seniors at the facility had effectively been trapped on the building's upper floors -- stuck in their apartments in the cold with no place to go and no way to cook and no fresh water. Thankfully, earlier today, the city was able to get power restored, but their needs are still great.

Yesterday evening, I joined our Mercy Chefs team in personally delivering hot meals to this facility. Because they had been stuck in their apartments, many of the residents hadn't seen each other for days. It was heartwarming to see this community come together again around meals you helped provide.

+ + Thousands need our help TODAY!

Yesterday, Mercy Chefs provided more than 10,000 meals in Texas. Today, we'll exceed that number. This is an enormous and widespread crisis. In fact, we're expanding our efforts, adding another mobile kitchen. But to keep up this pace, WE NEED YOUR HELP RIGHT NOW!

Can I count on your partnership at this critical time? We have another 10,000+ meals to serve today, and every meal depends on the faithful support of friends like you. Go here to help Mercy Chefs provide hot meals in STORM-RAVAGED TEXAS while we continue other vital efforts:

Your gift of $50 will help us provide 20 HOT MEALS to families in Texas who are still trying to recover from the cold and storms; $100 will provide 40 hot meals.

Mercy Chefs is doing everything we can. We're cooking at multiple locations and sending food out to area partners. We're also assisting with water projects and distributing groceries in other parts of Texas. I want to do even more.

Please help. And please pray for the people here who are still struggling to restore normalcy. Thank you in advance, and God bless. 

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. Pictured above are two of the meals we served at a senior living facility yesterday. Mercy Chefs is providing relief to thousands today in Texas -- serving chef-quality, hot meals that send a message of love and compassion to those who have been hit so hard by the winter cold and storms. Thanks for helping. Go here: