A massive outbreak of storms and tornadoes hit North Texas last night, including what is estimated to be an EF-3 tornado that struck the community of Perryton.

Homes and buildings have been ripped apart in this remote town in the northernmost part of Texas -- a full six hours northwest of Dallas. There are increasing fatality counts and unaccounted persons reported as search and rescue continue their tireless efforts.

This is precisely the type of community that urgently needs our help when disaster strikes!

+ + We are deploying -- first meals TOMORROW!

Mercy Chefs is immediately deploying to Perryton and we plan on serving our first meals to victims, volunteers and emergency workers TOMORROW.

{{recipient.first_name_or_friend}}, can you help? The first 72 hours of every deployment are so critical.

Go here to help sponsor hot meals THIS WEEKEND for Texas tornado victims:

I'll be arriving on site this evening with several of our team members. Our mobile kitchen equipment will be up and running in the morning and I'm hoping our team will be set up and serving LUNCH tomorrow.

I'll have more updates in the morning.

Please pray for the people here and thanks in advance for your help.

God bless,