I want to tell you about some of the people we're helping in Puerto Rico. The Mercy Chefs team and I have been on the island all week meeting families who will receive solar power thanks to the generosity of friends like you.

On Tuesday, we met Lydia. Not only is her husband Carlos sick, they have a profoundly handicapped son named Carlitos. Lydia is the primary caregiver for both of them. After being without electricity, hot water and air conditioning for nearly 10 months, they only recently had power restored. But their service is inconsistent because they live at the "far end" of the power grid.
I was blessed to have the opportunity to pray with Lydia. I shared that God cares for her heart so much that He sent a local pastor, two Puerto Rico-based missionaries and our team from the mainland to help her. I also told her that God loves her heart so much He sent his Son to die for her. Even if it had just been her, Jesus would have still come.

The time Mercy Chefs spent with Lydia and her family was beautiful and special. She is so thankful that we'll be able to help provide a permanent and reliable energy source by installing solar panels on their home this summer.

+ + Helping the Hurting in Puerto Rico

Also this week, we met Bruno (97) and Margarita (96) who have been married for 65 years! Theirs is the second house that will receive solar panels. Bruno was a farmer and worked the land around his home, growing sweet potatoes, plantains and bananas. But he has suffered two strokes and, as a result, needs air conditioning and power for oxygen and his feeding tube. Margarita broke her femur during Hurricane Maria and is still recovering from her injury.

This wonderful, loving couple also received power again only recently. But, like Lydia and her family, service is intermittent and unreliable. For the past ten months, they have needed two generators running all the time. They have 12 children who have been taking turns caring for their parents since the hurricane. None of their homes have power either.
These solar panels will be a life changer by providing this couple with a more reliable power source. Once installed, Bruno's and Margarita's children won't have to worry about electricity cutting out or the generator running out of gas in the middle of the night. Everyone will sleep easier knowing all of their father's medical equipment will continue running.

We were honored to spend time in prayer with this amazing family, too. Mercy Chefs is looking forward to providing some relief to their difficult situation in the coming weeks. Thank you for helping us bring light into the darkness through our "Operation Crisis Recovery" efforts in Puerto Rico. Your support makes a difference in the lives of fellow Americans, like these families, during their time of need. Click here to help.



P.S. As you know, our goal is to install donated solar panels in up to 40 homes in Puerto Rico. At a cost of $2,000 per home, families will receive five solar panels they can use to run a refrigerator, led lights, a fan and in-home medical equipment. The total cost to install 200 donated solar panels will be approximately $80,000. As of today, we are slightly more than halfway to that goal. If you haven't yet donated to this summer's solar-panel initiative, there's still time to help. Click here or on the banner below to support this and other life-changing Mercy Chefs outreaches with your tax-deductible gift of any amount:
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