From: Panama City Beach

The kids here break my heart. It feels as if we are feeding more and more children. So many are coming that we began creating special "kids meals" for the children in an effort to brighten their day.

When I look into the eyes of the young children, it hurts to see their lost little faces still confused by what's just happened. Officials here say the schools could be closed another several weeks. Some of the school buildings will simply have to be bulldozed. Meanwhile, we are serving a stream of kids in these communities.

As I noted yesterday, we just added 1,300 more meals per day to our outreach here. We are RAMPING UP and need your help in an urgent way. Today, we'll serve 6,000-7,000 meals, and we're struggling to keep up with the hard costs just for the food. Can you help me feed these children, along with their parents as well as the disaster workers? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift so we can meet this incredible need, and see below for my report on the true conditions here on Florida's panhandle.