For the people of West Maui, life will not return to any level of "normal" for months or even years to come. More than 85% of the thousands of structures that were destroyed were residential homes, leaving thousands forced to stay in hotels or with friends and family. Unemployment has skyrocketed, while tourism -- the primary economic engine of Maui -- is way down. 

These are extremely difficult times for the people here. That's why Mercy Chefs is continuing to serve the practical needs of Lahaina residents who still need help.

Through our partners at the Plantation House, Mercy Chefs is helping to provide thousands of hot meals each week. And through Citizen Church Maui, Mercy Chefs continues to distribute Family Grocery Boxes to the community. Citizen Church has also agreed to host a school program for 600 children so they can come to the church daily and have virtual learning with their teachers. 

As you can see, the needs in Lahaina are still great. That's why I'm turning to you.

Will you help us feed and support thousands of Maui wildfire victims this week? Go here to help sponsor 10 hot meals ($35) or 40 meals through our Family Grocery Boxes ($75):

We must provide support for the immediate needs this week while at the same time planning for the long term. That's why we are working on equipping a community kitchen at the church so we can continue to provide hot meals, Family Grocery Boxes, and other support for the long road of recovery the people of Lahaina face.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the people of Maui. And thanks in advance for your financial support as we help Maui fire victims this week.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

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