We have several holiday outreaches taking place over the next two weeks, and I'm asking you to partner with Mercy Chefs so we can reach the most people possible.

First, we're returning to Waverly, Tennessee, where this summer Mercy Chefs was one of the primary disaster relief agencies that assisted this flood-ravaged community. Hundreds of homes were destroyed. My team will never forget meeting a beautiful young girl and her sister who barely survived the floods. The waters had risen to just below their noses. As the waters were getting ready to carry them away, they were rescued. It must have been horrific. Two children who lived next door weren’t so fortunate.

A few days later, our Chef Lisa prepared a very special meal for those two girls: made-from-scratch mac & cheese along with fresh oranges and a special cake. 

Now, we're headed back to provide hot holiday meals along with grocery boxes with food and basic essentials to help families during the holiday season.

Also this weekend, we are deploying a Spanish-speaking team back to Honduras for a special Christmas outreach for the children who, one year ago, saw their lives turned upside down by devastating hurricanes. Mercy Chefs, in association with our partners on the ground, has continued to help provide meals and resources to the people there, including a distribution last weekend.

Then in about 10 days, we'll head back to Louisiana for a Christmas celebration for the children and another major round of holiday meal distributions. Thanks to friends like you, Mercy Chefs will provide hot meals -- along with Christmas hams -- for about 8,000 people.

In all, Mercy Chefs will provide 10,000 meals THIS MONTH ALONE! But to do this, I need your help this week! Will you sponsor one, two, three, or even five or ten families to receive a holiday meal this year? Just $60 will sponsor THREE families. Go here to make your tax-deductible gift and help us reach hurting families and their children this month:

December is one of our busiest months as we do everything we can to help hurting families and provide ongoing relief to areas impacted by disaster. Our community kitchens are also doing more. This month, our Nashville kitchen is partnering with first responders on a special outreach for impoverished families to take kids Christmas shopping. In Virginia, we're helping feed the homeless over the holidays while we bless teachers who are serving at-risk communities. This is in addition to our ongoing efforts.

Even if you already helped, would you partner with us today so we can bless THOUSANDS of families and children over the next few weeks? Go here to make your gift, and thanks in advance for your partnership!

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. I've included pictures of the two beautiful sisters who barely survived the floods in Waverly. It was one of the great privileges of our entire year to serve these two girls -- who came within moments of getting swept away by the floods -- a special meal this summer. Now, we get to go back, on your behalf, and bless the Waverly community and so many others. Will you partner with us? It costs just $20 to sponsor a family of four to receive a holiday meal. Perhaps you can sponsor two, three, five or even 10 families. Go here: