My heart is breaking for the people of Turkey and Syria. This is still a desperate situation. I'm asking every Mercy Chefs friend to help. Could you spare $35 to help us feed 10 earthquake victims? Go here to help, and see below for more. --Gary

The situation in Turkey and Syria is still very bleak.

The World Bank is now estimating that over $43 billion in damages has occurred in Turkey alone, and the cost of rebuilding could be two or three times that number. As many as 9 million people have been internally displaced. There are an estimated 1.2 million who have been left temporarily homeless.

And people are still afraid. Yesterday, another earthquake (technically an aftershock) hit Turkey, serving as a frightful reminder that nothing has returned to normal.

+ + The worse I've seen...

I'll never forget the horrific earthquakes that hit Haiti, but what we're seeing here...imagine 10 of those earthquakes and across a 400-mile stretch. It's consumed not just small towns but entire cities. It hasn't affected just poor areas, it's changed everyone's lives.

The damage from these earthquakes in Turkey and Syria has far exceeded any level of destruction I have seen in almost 17 years of feeding people in disaster.

+ + What Mercy Chefs is doing this week...

As I write, Mercy Chefs and our partners are working in cities across the earthquake zone in Turkey, delivering thousands of meals along with vital relief supplies. In Antakya -- one of the hardest-hit cities -- our container kitchen is serving thousands of meals to those in need. 

In addition, just over a week ago, Mercy Chefs began working with our partners to provide meals to earthquake victims in Syria where many victims have received little or no help. 

I want to do more. I want to establish more container kitchens and feed more people in both Turkey and Syria. But to do so, we need help THIS WEEK!

If you haven't yet supported our earthquake relief efforts, will you stand with us right now by sponsoring 10 meals (just $35), or even 20 ($70) or more? Go here to support an earthquake victim this week:

Will you prayerfully consider helping again? I only ask because the need is so great. Go here to support an earthquake victim this week

When we showed up just a few days after the earthquakes hit, we just wanted to help in any way we could. Once again, the Lord has opened doors for Mercy Chefs to be right in the middle of the hardest-hit areas feeding, loving and serving those we encounter.

We can only be in this place because YOU send us! 

Will you "send" us again this week as we serve thousands more whose lives have been devastated by these earthquakes?

Thanks in advance, and may God bless you.

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs