We're finishing up another day of serving thousands of meals. We'll serve thousands more tomorrow. Why do we do this? See below, and go here to help feed hurting families right now. --Gary

I've been sharing with you that last year's flood combined with harsh winter weather has left thousands in Eastern Kentucky without basic essentials. Families simply can't feed their children adequately. Before we arrived, the only meal many children were receiving was their school lunch.

Now, we're meeting these kids every day.

A few days ago, we heard about a school-aged girl who was telling all her friends that someone was cooking food at the local firehouse. She said..

“I’m so excited, I’m finally going to have dinner because I usually only get lunch at school.”

Yesterday we had the honor of meeting this young girl and providing hot meals to her entire family. We also gave them grocery boxes full of pantry staples that will last for weeks.

+ + THIS is why we are here...

These are tough times for this entire region. The devastation of the flooding has been exacerbated by the winter weather. But in reality, the national news isn't covering this story. And the people here were starting to feel forgotten.

That's why I answered the call to come back.

The need has been DOUBLE what we anticipated, and I want to stay as long as we can to help these people through this crisis.

But to do so, I need help. Today!

We just ordered another truckload of food. The bills are mounting -- again, more than double what we planned for. We'll serve thousands of meals again tomorrow.

Will you partner with me to help these children and families through this crisis? Go here to help sponsor 10, 20, 50 or even 100 or more meals for those caught in the crossfire of disaster here in Eastern Kentucky:

Thank you and God bless you!


P.S. This wonderful young girl was so thrilled to hear that "someone" was cooking hot meals for their families. That "someone" is YOU -- through Mercy Chefs! Your support makes it possible for our team to be here. Your prayers lift us up as we work long hours to meet needs. Thanks for your continued prayers and support.