This week while in Honduras, our Mercy Chefs team visited some of the most isolated and hardest hit parts of the country to deliver both immediate relief and longer-term help.

The short-term support focused on family grocery packs that are designed to help feed a family of 8 for up to 15 days. The longer-term relief came in the form of little red stoves that will change a family's life for months and years to come.

Each stove is fueled by wood — making it easy to use for Hondurans — and is equipped with a solar panel that can power the included lightbulb, a cell phone, or anything else that requires minimal power.

+ + When disaster hits those who already need help...

Two years ago, Honduras was devastated by two monster hurricanes. Mercy Chefs came and helped provide tens of thousands of meals, while also launching our efforts to help Hondurans which continue to today. Earlier this month, a tropical storm brought devastating flooding to the regions we are serving.

When natural disasters hit communities that are already struggling, the impact of the devastation can last for years. Without help, some will never recover. In Honduras, these storms made almost unimaginably difficult economic conditions even worse for many families. That's why what we are doing right now in Honduras is so vital. 

I want to continue and even expand our work in Honduras and other struggling communities, but to do so, we need friends like you standing with us.

Your gift can help sponsor two families to have food necessities for up to 15 days for just $40. Perhaps you can sponsor five families ($100), or even 10 families ($200). Go here to help families in critical need in Honduras while we continue other vital efforts:

As soon as the stoves were delivered, we saw faces light up with joy and hope. Not only were we able to bring groceries that could feed families for weeks, but we were able to empower them with a tool that will feed families for years to come.

Thank you so much for making everything we do possible. Since September 1, support from friends like you has made it possible for Mercy Chefs to provide over 725,000 meals to those in need in places like Honduras, Ukraine, Puerto Rico and here in the United States.

Please keep praying that every meal we serve carries with it both practical relief and a message of hope and love.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

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