You helped bring a smile to this child's face -- this family's first real meal since the hurricane hit. See below for the heartwarming story you helped make possible, and go here to help us reach thousands more. --Gary

The hardest aspect of every natural disaster is the impact these massive life disruptions have on children. When a child loses their home, or power for days, or school closes, all the stability and security of life disappears. 

This week, we heard from a mom named Joy who has been struggling through the aftermath of Hurricane Ian with her family. Joy shared that her family hadn't had a decent meal since the hurricane hit...

"My family has been eating peanut butter sandwiches since Hurricane Ian. I heard about the [Mercy Chefs] meals and today I drove over by the church to see if I could get a hot meal for my family...

"This young gentleman was able to bring me 5 meals for my family. Thank you for all you do for those who have been hit by the Hurricane Ian!!!"

I'm including a photo Joy shared of her beautiful child "wearing" the Mercy Chefs sticker that was on the case of one of their meals.

+ + We're reaching hard-hit communities TODAY

As I write, our Mercy Chefs teams are working to reach the hardest-hit communities with thousands of hot, chef-prepared meals. The people on the receiving end of your generosity are so grateful. Many are amazed that someone cares enough to serve them real meals in the midst of their crisis.

Often, our team will pray with those who are still traumatized by disaster, and ask for the comfort that only the Lord can provide.

It's both the most heart-wrenching and the most satisfying endeavor of our lives -- to stand in the gap, on your behalf, and offer both hope and practical support.

We'll be serving meals all day today and still need your help!

If you have already donated, please consider giving again! We'll put your gift to work right away helping hurricane victims.

If you haven't yet donated to our Hurricane Ian relief efforts, PLEASE DO SO TODAY! We rely on the generosity of friends like you in a practical way every day.

Go here to sponsor 10, 20, 50 or even 100 meals for Hurricane Ian victims today:

Thank you so much for your prayers and faithful support.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

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