Today, in addition to our team providing about 6,000 meals distributed through multiple locations here in the Panama City area, I spent much of my day meeting with local leaders here who are asking us to do more.

+ + More requests for help...

For example, I met with three local pastors who are doing everything they can to meet the urgent needs in their communities -- and coming up short. They need assistance, especially with providing hot meals.

Helping churches reach their communities during these disasters is one of the most important aspects of Mercy Chefs' ministry. Our meals -- distributed through the hands of local church volunteers -- create a bridge that connects people to resources and long-term support right in their community.

Also, the church that asked for 1,250 meals yesterday said they were swamped and could use 2,000 meals a day.

+ + The need is still increasing...

That means, well into our third week of deployment, Mercy Chefs is still INCREASING our meal distribution and INCREASING our support for this ravaged community. We have the opportunity to serve hundreds more meals tomorrow than we did today -- and reach more people who are still reeling from this disaster.

But to do this, I'm going to need friends like you partnering with me in a special way and INCREASE your support. Will you help me help these pastors and others who are asking Mercy Chefs to do even more here in Florida? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift to help Mercy Chefs expand to meet these new requests to support those who still urgently need our help while we continue other vital efforts:

I know many friends have already contributed generously. Thank you for your support! With the situation here still critical and the demand on Mercy Chefs actually increasing, I'm asking you to prayerfully consider how you can increase your support.

I simply cannot continue -- and certainly cannot expand -- our outreach here without the help of friends like you.

Finally, thank you for your continued prayers on behalf of the victims here, the many relief workers, and our team. Everyone is exhausted. That's why your prayers, words of encouragement and financial support are so critical. Knowing that friends across the country are standing with us makes such a difference.