The stories the people of Clarksville are sharing are both harrowing and hopeful. See below for how one family barely survived the storm, and go here to help us feed tornado victims today. --Gary

This past Saturday as an EF-3 tornado was barreling towards Clarksville, Jailene and her two children raced for the safest place in their home -- the bathroom.

+ + Everything was destroyed, except...

They huddled together, closing their eyes and praying for safety. As the roar of the tornado's winds grew louder and louder, their home began to come apart. Jailene looked up and saw that their entire roof had been swept away.

As the storm passed, Jailene's first concern was for her children. Amazingly, the family had survived a direct hit from a massive tornado that damaged or destroyed just about everything in their home, except...

...their Christmas tree, with all the newly wrapped presents under it.

To their amazement, the tree and the gifts were spared the storm's devastation.

We were honored to meet Jailene and her family at what remains of their home. They shared their story of miraculous survival, and we were thankful to be able to bring them the comfort of hot meals, hugs, prayers, and the promise for a brighter tomorrow.

+ + Hope in the storm...

In the darkest times, we each need signs of hope...

...that your family survived...

...your Christmas tree with all the presents somehow was spared...

...and hot meals delivered to your door by friends you just met.

This is why Mercy Chefs exists -- to bring practical help and hope in the form of hot, chef-prepared meals to those who just experienced the worst nightmare of their lives.

+ + Can you sponsor 10 or 20 meals today?

As I write, our team is already hard at work preparing to provide hot meals to families across Clarksville who are taking the first steps on a long road to recovery. Would you prayerfully consider helping us today?

Your gift of just $70 will help sponsor 20 hot meals for tornado victims here in Clarksville. Perhaps the Lord has blessed you and you can sponsor 50 meals ($175), or even 100 meals ($350) or more. Go here to help Tennessee tornado victims today:

Thank you for your prayers and your support.

May God bless you,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. If you missed our video update from Clarksville, go here: