Last weekend, Mercy Chefs was in Mayfield, Kentucky, to help families who have been impacted this summer by disastrous flash flooding.

+ + Tornado then flooding...

As you may recall, in 2021 Mayfield was devastated by an E4 tornado. Mercy Chefs provided thousands of meals in the aftermath of that tornado and then took part on longer-term recovery for the region. Now, a second major disaster has hit this community in less than two years.

Our team distributed grocery boxes to families in Mayfield as part of our "Send Hope Home" outreach that is working to provide up to 50,000 meals to those in need across America this summer.

Everywhere our team is serving, we're seeing hurting families who are struggling to make ends meet after more than two years of inflation and negative earnings.

+ + Still need help this summer

As of this morning, we are still short of our goal of distributing 50,000 meals this summer. We have more grocery box distributions planned this month and I'm asking friends like you to help sponsor each and every meal we're providing.

The grocery boxes are carefully designed to each provide a family with up to 20 meals. One grocery box can be a real difference maker for a hurting family.

It costs about $35 to deliver one grocery box and 20 meals to a family. Would you consider sponsoring even one family for $35? Perhaps you can help sponsor two families ($70) or even four families ($140) or ten families ($350). Every gift will help.  Go here to help sponsor one, two, four or even ten families to each receive 20 meals this summer:

These are tough times. I'm sure you've noticed gas prices are rising again. I worry most about the kids.

Please pray for our neighbors who are struggling. And help as you can. Even if you could help sponsor one family for $35 it would be a great blessing. Of course, if you can do more, please help us feed two families or more.

As always, thank you and may the Lord bless you richly,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs