Monday P.M. from Mayfield

THIS IS A FAST-DEVELOPING SITUATION. We're now providing meals AROUND THE CLOCK for emergency workers. We need help right now! Go here to sponsor meals for disaster victims, and see below. --Gary

As you may have heard, a candle factory in Mayfield had a full crew of 100 employees working when the tornado struck. Thankfully, most escaped with their lives even though the factory was destroyed. But as of late last night there were still several employees unaccounted for.

Yesterday evening, we got a phone call right after dinner from the emergency operations center. The search and rescue team that is sifting through the wreckage for possible survivors at the candle factory were working without meal support for dinner.

My team immediately got to work getting dinner over to the workers. Then we sent another meal over at midnight and returned with breakfast at 7am this morning.

+ + Round the clock meals....

Today, the operations center asked us to keep the meals going for the search and rescue teams. As a result, Mercy Chefs is now providing FIVE MEALS A DAY to the search crews -- just like we did in Florida after the condo collapsed.

These meals for the search crews are IN ADDITION to our full lunch and dinner service for victims, volunteers and emergency personnel here in Mayfield. Plus, today we provided meals for Dawson Springs, another community that was devastated by the tornado.

THIS IS A FOUR-ALARM CRISIS FOR MERCY CHEFS! We just expanded to providing FIVE MEALS DAILY in addition to serving other communities. And the calls for help keep coming!

Can you help me RIGHT NOW as our crew works through the night to provide hot meals to search and rescue crews and then prepares for another full day of meals for tornado victims tomorrow? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

+ + A man just broke into tears...

The people here are in shock. It seems everyone we meet either lost a family member or knows someone who died or had their home destroyed. And right now they urgently need help. An elderly man in a motorized wheel chair came to our mobile kitchen hoping to find a meal. He told us there were other residents of his senior care facility that had nothing to eat. Mercy Chefs adopted their facility and now we're hand-delivering meals.

Another person who was in line to receive a meal burst into tears when someone mentioned Christmas. "I hadn't even thought about Christmas," he said. He had lost a family member and his home in the tornado, and he was too overwhelmed to even process it all. It broke my heart.

Now I need YOUR HELP! Go here to help sponsor meals for tornado victims and emergency workers.

To make matters more difficult, we are facing the same logistical challenges that we have faced throughout the year. Already, we have food and supplies coming in from Alabama, Tennessee and Oklahoma. Supply chain issues are not getting better! Plus, we have another Mercy Chefs team preparing to leave for Louisiana where we'll serve 8,000 or more meals to hurricane victims there.

This is an all-hand-on-deck moment! PLEASE HELP! And please PRAY! This is such a heartbreaking crisis.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc

P.S. I'm helping our team personally deliver meals to the nursing home as well as to the search and rescue workers this evening. Please pray and please help us meet this need! Your gift makes a difference. If you have already helped, God bless you! Help again if you have the means (the need is that urgent). If you haven't helped with our tornado relief, please do so right now! Go here: