Tuesday morning from tornado-ravaged Mayfield, KY:

Here's the latest from here in Mayfield...

We're learning from the police that many people are choosing to stay in their partially or mostly destroyed homes -- some with half a roof or just a few walls standing. Many of these folks don't have transportation and need urgent help. We're working with local authorities to have hot Mercy Chefs meals delivered directly to these families.

We're also sending meals to two public housing complexes that were seriously damaged. Each complex had one building destroyed while one unit survived the storm. Residents have been forced to double up in the surviving buildings, but they also urgently need help. So we're sending meals their way.

This is all in addition to our around the clock meal service for the search and rescue workers who are carefully combing through the wreckage of the candle factory for trapped workers who may still be alive (go here for details) as well as our lunch and dinner service that is reaching across Mayfield and surrounding communities.

Today is going to be another incredibly important and busy day for our team. Simply put, we need help to meet the need here and continue other vital efforts. Go here now and help sponsor meals for tornado victims and volunteers.

If you already helped, THANK YOU! Your gift is a great blessing.  If you can give again, we will put your support to work feeding hurting families.  If you haven't supported our tornado relief efforts yet, please do so today! We need every team member partnering with us right now.

Thanks for your faithfulness, and God bless!

Gary LeBlanc

P.S.Your gift TODAY will help us reach devastated families, emergency workers and volunteers here in Mayfield while we continue other vital efforts. Mercy Chefs was on the ground serving meals less the 24 hours after the tornado hit and I want to do everything in our power to help this community. Go here to sponsor meals for tornado victims: