Update from Panama City (headed now to Alabama)

Our team arrived yesterday in Panama City for our month-long redeployment and was greeted by sirens and alerts for a tornado warning. As you know, before the day was over, massive tornadoes had ripped through Alabama and Georgia, leaving at least 23 dead and thousands devastated.

+ + Headed to Alabama now!

Calls immediately came for Mercy Chefs to help in Alabama. This morning, I am headed to the epicenter of the tornado strikes and will arrive midday to assess how and where Mercy Chefs can best assist. A Mercy Chefs mobile kitchen is already on the way.

As a result, before serving our first meal in Panama City (scheduled for later today), we must immediately shift to full emergency deployment mode in Alabama while continuing our commitment in Florida. That means Mercy Chefs will be conducting two simultaneous, full-scale deployments.

I'm turning to friends like you for help.

I need to be prepared immediately to serve thousands of meals across two deployments as we help Florida hurricane victims and deploy to offer relief in the aftermath of yesterday's Alabama tornadoes. Can I count on your help? Please go here to make your best possible, tax-deductible gift to Mercy Chefs to help us respond to the Alabama tornadoes and continue other vital efforts:

+ + 74 tornadoes... devastation!

Reports indicate that as many as 74 tornadoes ripped through Alabama and Georgia. My contacts are telling me the devastation compares to what we saw in Moore, Oklahoma. Meanwhile, the situation in Panama City is quite sad. We had hoped for the best but saw the worst of the after-effects of Hurricane Michael. Blue tarps everywhere. Buildings crumbled by the hurricane still in piles next to the roads. Businesses closed. Trees still down and mounds and mounds of debris. It was a bit overwhelming. It hurts to see how much still needs to be done.

As you can see, with two major deployments this week, we urgently need your help! Just $50 can help provide 20 meals; $100 feeds 40 people. Perhaps the Lord has blessed you, and you can sponsor 100 ($250), 200 ($500), or even 400 meals ($1,000). Every gift will help. Go here to make your tax-deductible gift directly to Mercy Chefs

Finally, please be praying for the victims, their families, and the first responders who are sifting through the debris. The first hours after a disaster are critical! And pray for our Mercy Chefs team. We have already encountered many obstacles -- delays, breakdowns, etc. But we are pressing on -- with your prayers and support!

God bless you for your faithfulness!

Gary LeBlanc, Founder
Mercy Chefs

P.S. This is why Mercy Chefs exists -- to bring practical relief to those who have come face-to-face with horrific disaster. With two simultaneous full-scale deployments, we urgently need your help. Every gift will make a difference. If the Lord has blessed you, please consider making a substantial gift to help us respond in these extraordinary circumstances. You can also donate by check. Go here to give online or for mailing instructions: