We could be facing the worst summer of disasters in our history. Please see below. --Gary

More storms this week.

USA Today is reporting that 100 million Americans are under a threat of severe storms.  These deadly storms have already claimed the life of one victim in Atlanta and another in Nashville.

Our Mercy Chefs team is closely monitoring the storms while we continue to reach out to hundreds of thousands of people. This week, we have another 18 Farmers to Families grocery distributions scheduled. Our three community kitchens are also fully engaged in helping the needs of those in their communities. My team remains committed to helping those at the border, including the Border Patrol agents who have been caught in this political crossfire.

+ + I can't do this without you...

Over the past year, what we do here at Mercy Chefs has been transformed by an unprecedented pandemic and an increasing scale of disasters. Last month alone, we served more than TWO MILLION meals. We'll probably match that this month. We've also already responded to multiple disasters this year.

Simply put, I need your help. The number of meals Mercy Chefs is providing has grown EXPONENTIALLY over this past year. God has opened doors and I'm following His very clear call to "just go feed people." 

This week alone, we'll feed hundreds of thousands of people. Will you partner with me right now to help provide hot meals and food boxes to those in need? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

+ + Bracing for wildfire season 

On top of all this, last month I was in California as we formally launched Mercy Chefs' new West Coast mobile kitchen. As it turns out, this new launch and expansion to the West Coast seems to be coming just in time. Authorities are preparing for a fire season that some are saying could be worse than last year. According to one source:

"California's top fire officials warn conditions are already ripe for wildfires - way ahead of schedule - and could quickly transpire into the worst wildfire season on record - even outpacing last year, where 9,639 fires burned 4,397,809 acres, more than 4% of the state's 100 million acres of land.

Experts are predicting that the worst of the fires this year could happen MUCH EARLIER in the year -- as soon as June.

As you can see, we are depending on the prayers and generous support of our core Mercy Chefs friends now more than ever. THIS WEEK I must make sure we can feed hundreds of thousands of people while at the same time we get ready for what looks to be a very troubling year ahead for natural disasters.

Thanks for your prayers. And thanks in advance for your generous support.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs