We've reached the one-week countdown for the launch of Mercy Chefs' holiday outreaches, and the news reports surrounding the cost of Thanksgiving are getting worse and worse...

+ + The cost of turkey has skyrocketed 40%!

The Department of Labor is reporting that the price of turkeys is UP 40% from one year ago. Those prices could skyrocket in the next few weeks. That's because The Wall Street Journal is reporting that turkeys are currently 60% OUT OF STOCK when the historical average out of stock range is 0%-7%! The Journal reports that other key Thanksgiving items are also low in stock, including: cranberries, sweet potatoes, refrigerated pies, and even stuffing.

Here's what this means...

First, many struggling families -- especially those in disaster-struck regions -- simply will not be able to afford Thanksgiving dinner. This is the practical reality of the supply chain crisis and rising food prices.

Second, our holiday outreaches are more critical than ever. This coming week, we'll be back in Southeastern Louisiana to prepare full Thanksgiving dinners for Hurricane Ida victims. One week from today, we'll serve the first meals and we'll be in Louisiana through Thanksgiving Day providing thousands of dinners with all the trimmings for families.

+ + Our commitment is the same...

Despite the rising food prices, our goal remains to provide a family of four a complete, chef-prepared Thanksgiving dinner for just $20. That task is going to be tougher than ever, but my team is working to make it happen.

Now, I need YOUR HELP!

We are still short of our goal of completely funding all the meals we'll serve this Thanksgiving as part of our holiday outreaches. I want to match or exceed that by the end of THIS WEEKEND.

Can you help?

Even if you've already supported our Thanksgiving outreach, would you consider taking a few minutes right now to sponsor FIVE families to receive a full Thanksgiving dinner prepared by our Mercy Chefs team? Your gift of $100 will sponsor FIVE families of four to enjoy a full holiday meal.

Of course, every gift will help. If you can contribute $60, we'll feed THREE FAMILIES; $40 will feed TWO families. Perhaps you can contribute more and sponsor 10 families ($200), or even 20 families ($400).

Go here to sponsor three, five, ten or more families to receive a full holiday meal this Thanksgiving or Christmas:

I want you to know that Mercy Chefs will be serving FULL Thanksgiving dinners. Everything you'd expect -- turkey and gravy, our favorite side dishes, rolls, and holiday desserts. Plus WE THROW A FESTIVE PARTY for the kids to help bring the joy of the season into their lives.

Despite rising costs and challenges, my team is still confident we can meet our cost goal of $20/family. Now, we need your help.

Thank you for your financial support, and for your prayers. These holiday meals are among the most impactful of the entire year.

Thanks in advance and God bless!

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. With prices rising and the real possibility of shortages on staples, you may want to get your family's Thanksgiving shopping done in the next few days (if you haven't done so already). When you do, please consider making a corresponding gift to help Mercy Chefs provide holiday meals. Go here: