IMPORTANT UPDATES: Last night, Houston and southeast Texas were hit with a powerful storm. More than 750,000 people are currently without power. We are deploying to Houston and will be serving meals TOMORROW. This means Mercy Chefs will be on our fourth domestic disaster deployment in less than a month -- while we also respond to the crisis in Brazil. I'll have more on our Houston deployment soon. For now, we urgently need help...

Please go here to help Mercy Chefs rush relief to both Houston and Brazil, and see below for the latest on Brazil. --Gary

Our team in Brazil just posted a very important field report from the flooding devastation. Please go here to watch:

This is, by far, the worst flooding disaster our team has ever seen. Entire cities have been impacted. Thousands upon thousands need help.

+ + Serving hot meals to flood victims TODAY...

Mercy Chefs is here and we are equipping a full kitchen for a local church to help feed the thousands in need. Yesterday, we served our first hot meals to those who are staying in shelters or have otherwise been displaced from their homes. These meals will continue through this weekend and for days, if not weeks, to come.

We need help.

Will you partner with Mercy Chefs to sponsor hot meals we'll serve today through this weekend to flood victims in Brazil? Go here to help with emergency relief for Brazil flood victims:

It costs about $35 to provide 10 hot meals during a disaster. Perhaps you can do more and sponsor 100 meals ($350) or even more. The people here are in desperate need, and every gift will help.

Finally, please pray for the people of Brazil who have been impacted by the flooding.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs