I have two important updates on our ongoing Maui wildfire relief. Please see below and go here to help Maui wildfire victims this week. --Gary

More than a month after the wildfires devastated Lahaina, Mercy Chefs remains committed to feeding those who are still trying to rebuild their lives. Through our amazing partnership with The Plantation House and Citizen Church Maui, Mercy Chefs is providing hundreds of hot meals daily. We are also continuing the distribution of our Family Grocery Boxes. That means this week alone, Mercy Chefs and our partners will help thousands of wildfire victims.

In addition, because we know this road to recovery will be an especially long one, Mercy Chefs is moving ahead with plans to build out a community kitchen to serve the people of Lahaina. Working with our partners at Citizen Church Maui, this fully-equipped kitchen will be able to help provide the long-term support these people need.

Can I count on you to help Mercy Chefs as we continue to bring meals and long-term support to wildfire victims on Maui? Just $35 will help sponsor 10 meals for Maui fire victims. Go here to help with our continued wildfire relief:

Perhaps you would even consider donating monthly to help us with our long-term relief plans. Simply choose "monthly" when making your gift.

Finally, thank you for continuing to pray for those who lost family members or homes or businesses in this devastating fire. These folks need our ongoing prayers and support.

Thanks, and God bless you,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs